Another Juicey rumor solved.Truth be told Thursday!


I mean its BadRed this BadRed and her Zoe that, they aint together no more, so we had to ask…….we spoke exclusively with the celebrity over the phone, and trust me there’s  nothing to worry about.


What’s  Tha Juice reached out to the well known and always on point celebrity and asked what we all wanted to know. Is she still with her Zoe????? It was said that BadRed had parted ways with her boyfriend, but its all just facebook lies and talk.


BadRed responded, “We’re still together, people who follow me on Instagram see him”. When asked how does she come up with her qoutes, the celebrity responded, “I just talk to my crowd to let them know I hear about people saying this and that, but everything is all good with us.


There you go, you asked us, we asked her, there’s  the Juice.

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