Tia reopens……Munxhies Grill….Best Food In Town!!!!!


Dont call it a come back call it a #TakeOver. Tia is back and better this year with her tasty cuisine. The celebrity owner of Munxhies Grill has a lot  cooking this year. From Wings Fries and Salads, Steak, Spaghetti …… she’s added a nice sweet treat Fried Oreos.


The little sister of well known celebrity brothers Mank and Chic, Tia has a family name to pass on. Insiders revealed that the celebrity brothers Mank and Chic are very proud of their sister for opening up her own business Munxhies Grill, they eat from her everyday.



She makes everything, and she can cook her ass off we all support her revealed one of Munxhies Grill customers. You can eat good too, and I promise you’ll be licking your fingers afterwards. She is located at 1081 NW 27th Avenue Pompano Beach

TEXT 754-223-1812


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