We new it was gonna happen @Nava_da_hnic @ ThePhillips15……Yacht Party!!!!


Nava_da_hnic never disappoints, the celebrity and soon to be groom is said to be cooling it out on the water on a 3 story yacht with friends and fans. With his sexy fiance in tow, in all designer everything, Nava was all smiles, captioning the photo!

“Put it on fuk the cost, I just  wanna show you off.”

The couple looks Radiant and happier than ever. Sources revealed, that Nava is excited about walking down the aisle, and wouldn’t have it no other way.

An insider on the yacht revealed that Nava is showing his fiance the up most respect and her outfit is everything!

She is giving us Life revealed an informant on the boat.


“I want to be confident when I say you my lady

I want to be arrogant when I say you my lady” qouted the celebrity.


Here they go again looking like Ken and Barbie. Don’t we just Love ThePhillips15 The married celebrity super stars are #Goals #Goals  #Goals The cute celebrity couple are always together and are frequently matching. They celebrated their  daughters birthday and are excited to be sharing their lives as a family together. Carmen and Travis look Stunning, out here on the yacht revealed an onlooker.

Everybody watching them revealed an informant on the boat, they are so loveable.



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